Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Last of The "Big Fats" is Done

Big Fat Ralph Friedgen has won his final game at Maryland with a "bowl" victory over ECU. Good for him. Now he can go into unemployment as a winner. You see, I like Big Fat Ralph. Always have. He has done a far better than average job coaching a program that has at least two strikes against it to begin with. It is unlikely that Maryland will ever compete on a national level like their in conference rivals Va. Tech, FSU and Miami. Just the way it is. Similar to the Kentucky football program in the SEC. Just won't happen often. Maryland just can't get the type of recruits that would likely be able to start at say a Texas, Nebraska, Florida, or even a Virginia Tech. Part of the problem is that there are too many programs on the East Coast competing for the same players. This is ACC and Big East country along with the cream of the IAA programs in the country. Is there that much difference between a James Madison, Richmond, Delaware and a Maryland, North Carolina or Virginia. Not really. Indeed of all the above mentioned, the best team would be the Blue Hens. They may well be crowned IAA National Champs here in a few days. Now with that being said, Maryland is doing Big Fat Ralph Friedgen a disservice. There appears to be no real reason to let the man go. Big Fat Ralph is the last of the "Big Fats" to HC in the college game. Big Fat Tom Amstutz "retired" from coaching the Rockets of Toledo, and Big Fat Mark Mangino was unceremoniously dumped last year at Kansas. Apparently Mark yelled at a few players or something and hurt their feelings. Now the Jayhawk football program will settle where it historically does; at or near the bottom. Who else has turned Kansas football into a minor power? No one. Who will again? Probably no one. Now I like Turner Gil but I sure think he made an error in judgement taking over from Mangino. It is unlikely he will have the same success. I'll tell you what I think. In at least two of the three cases, the "Big Fats" have been discriminated against for being men of a certain girth. That's right! Everybody else is a victim of some sort, so why should they not use the "fat" card? Of course I jest, but I sure will miss the three "Big Fats." They are good coaches all and have done very well at schools where it can be a bit hard to win. Maryland, Kansas, and even Toledo will likely not have as much success without them. Good Luck to them in the future.

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