Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Bowl Games Than Necessary

I will be doing a bit of analysis on the upcoming "post season" in the D1 college ranks soon. That being said there are a whole lot of bowl games upcoming with some very good match ups and some that would kind of leave one scratching their head. For instance, I know that UConn is the winner of the Big East, but it does seem a bit odd to have an unranked team in a BCS Bowl. Kind of defeats the purpose it seems to me. Also there are a lot of teams going to bowl games with 6-6 records. That is sad and a bit ridiculous. There are too many bowl games to be sure. I understand a community wanting to host a bowl game, any bowl game, but it still dampens the "integrity" of the game. Lets take a look at the bowl game in New Mexico for instance. UTEP has lost 5 of the last 6 games and still gets an invite to this bowl. Their opponent, BYU, has not fared any better. While the game might be entertaining, perhaps even good, and somewhat of a boon to the local economy; it still is not a game that should be played. There should be no reward for mediocrity and that of course is what we have in this instance. Army will be 6-6 after their probable loss to Navy this Saturday; the last regular season game on the college schedule. They are going bowling regardless.  Do they deserve a Bowl Game? Not unless they beat Navy and go 7-5. Heck even 7-5 is a bit marginal for deserving a post season trip. A whole lot of these games are meaningless. Some are really a joke. I could be wrong but I'm not. On the bright side, there are IAA, D2 and D3 (don't forget NAIA) playoff games to hold interest until the "bowl season" begins for D1. Some of the IAA schools and perhaps even at least one D2 team are better than some of the teams going to bowl games in the upper division. That is sad.


  1. "I understand a community wanting to host a bowl game, any bowl game..."

    San Diego goes overboard, with two of them, Dec 23rd and Dec 30th. I confess the Poinsettia Bowl this year, when San Diego State takes on Navy, is pretty cool. Bear in mind that San Diego is the largest Navy station in the world now, and the population of Navy retirees is enormous.

  2. SDSU has had a very good season and I expect a couple of more under Hoke. Then of course he will be hired away for big money. Kinda taking the same route as Urban Meyer; MAC to Mtn West to SEC for him. MAC, MTN West to ?? for Hoke. I would love to see him stick around a few years and build SDSU into a power.

  3. Brady Hoke jost signed a contract through 2015. Yea.