Sunday, December 12, 2010

Big Stuff

It has been reported that Hawaii is the next evacuee from the WAC. Apparently they will be playing their football in the Mtn. West after next season. As of now four of the best programs have left or are leaving the WAC. Don't know who the WAC will replace these schools with. Perhaps try to convince some of the Big Sky conference teams to move up. Montana, Montana St. Idaho State and perhaps Eastern Washington might work. I don't know how long Louisiana Tech will stay in the WAC. It certainly is not a good geographic fit. They are probably looking for a home. I would imagine they will attempt to rebuff the Sun Belt if they came calling. Just conjecture mind you. Don't know if there has been any discussion on that issue. CUSA may be a good fit if and when the Unviersity of Houston moves to the Big "Twelve." Memphis may consider moving to the Big East if invited. There have been rumors of such a move due to the Tigers basketball program. The football program would just have to be tolerated in the Big East I suppose. On second thought, the Big East really is not of much account in football lately. Memphis sure would not hurt the conference. That of course would create an opening for La. Tech in CUSA.

In other news Al Golden has accepted the position of head coach at the University of Miami (FL). Probably a good move on Miami's part as Golden has proven to be one heck of a coach. It is a shame though. I would like to see Golden stay and build a power at Temple. Of course, if he stayed too long the bloom may come off his rose. Remember how Schiano was courted to leave Rutgers? He stayed in NJ and now the Scarlett Knights are playing about average Rutgers ball. Have not heard anyone mentioning Schiano for a major coaching position of late. Have you?

It looks as if Bo will be leaving Texas for the HC position at the University of Florida. Probably a good move on his part but not sure if he will be a good fit for the Gators in the long run. He was heir apparent at UT but I don't think Mack is going anywhere for a while. We will see how he does in Gainesville.

Oh and Newton has won the big trophy. Wonder how long it will be before he will be asked to give it back. I don't think that little story has run its course yet. We will see.

Next week I am looking forward to more IAA playoff games and D2 Championship contest. Delta State is a pretty good team but I do not know if they will be able to hang with UMD. Those guys looked pretty good in some horrific weather Saturday. Of course the game will be held in Alabama so weather may not be a factor.
The quarter finals in IAA will be played and as of now I am picking Villanova to go all the way again. Won't count out Georgia Southern or Delaware though. Could be interesting.

There are also a couple of bowl games in D1 on tap that might be pretty interesting although one game has two 6-6 teams involved. That is ridiculous. Might watch it though; I do like Mike Price and UTEP. If Mike did not have a taste for "titty dancers" he would would have gotten the Alabama job a few years back. He probably would have by now been fired by now by the Crimson Tide administration so really it is not a total wash out for him. As an recovering titty dancer aficionado myself, I wish him all the luck in the future.

I will be putting up some predictions for the coming week in the next day or two. Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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