Monday, December 27, 2010

FIU Wins Their First Bowl Game Ever

FIU, a relatively new Sun Belt team, has taken down the Rockets of Toledo with a FG as time expired. This was a pretty good football game after all. Mario Cristobal will either have the choice to build the Panthers into a minor power much like Temple, CMU, Toledo, Troy State, Tulsa, etc. are or have been in recent years; or of course he can probably stay another year and then move on to "bigger and better things." The choice will be his sure.  I would like to see him stick around awhile but that is just me. It is a fine line coaches walk. Some choose to stay at a smaller school for ever it seems. Take a look at Coach Larry at Troy. Others want to build a rep and move on up. Classless Coach Kelley at ND for instance.  If a coach has those aspirations then it is best to strike while the iron is hot. Look at Schiano at Rutgers. A couple years ago he was a "hot property" and chose to stay in NJ. Now he may be stuck there. Actually he needs to start winning again or the Rutgers admin may soon look elsewhere. As for me, I like it when a coach sticks around a bit to try to build a powerful program. It shows class. Good win FIU. Oh, by the way, the Sunbelt is 2-0 in post season play. Not shabby at all.

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