Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oregon and Auburn in the "Big Game"

Auburn has won the SEC Championship quite handily while the Ducks were, as predicted, winners against their cross state rival. The stage is now set for the "Big Game." Auburn is deserving and Oregon, while a very good team and tough rival, may not be. You see this is a product of the BCS system run amok. Now in the Bartender Cabbie System I would have to question the quality wins that Oregon has. The only team of any consequence other than the Ducks in the PAC 10 is Stanford. That is below par and unacceptable. Only one quality win for Oregon the entire year and they go to the BCS Championship Game. Again not that the Ducks are not a quality team and perhaps the right pick to play Auburn but one can sure question their schedule. Is the PAC 10 any better than the WAC which has three ranked teams? Probably not. Boise State has after all beaten 2 ranked teams and lost to one. Oregon has beaten one ranked team (as of end of reg season standings). HMMM. Does Oregon deserve any more of a shot than Boise State or Nevada? Perhaps and perhaps not. What about TCU. It could be argued that TCU has had as good of a season as Oregon. Does Oregon deserve a shot ahead of a one loss Big Ten team or a two loss SEC or Big XII team? Probably not this year. This is the system that we have that is ruining the game. The only thing that will cure this is some sort of legitimate play off system. I prefer the "old Bowl" system to this BCS non sense. As I have said before it is ruining the game.


  1. I watched a good bit of the "Civil War" and can think of at least eight teams which would have a far better chance of being competetive against Auburn in a national championship. As you suggest, they would include the one loss Big Ten and two loss SEC or Big 12 catagories. I'm not particularly impressed with Boise State, which has played far too many "tomato cans," but TCU is a far more impressive team than Oregon.

    I'm also rather disgusted with all of the bowl game names these days. What used to be the "Sugar Bowl" is now the "Allstate Sugar Bowl" for instance. Gack.

  2. Yes I also am a bowl purist. There are far too many bowl games also. 6-6 does not qualify for a bowl in my opinion and perhaps not even 7-5.