Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Heck of a Friday

Did you see any of the games yesterday? Now that is college football at its finest. The outcomes were for the most part not to my liking but I have to admit I have possibly not seen a better day of college ball. I guess I should get started with the Ohio Bobcats. How in the heck did they allow themselves to lose this one?  There was only a chance to play in the MAC Championship game on the line. Solich is probably pretty hot at his kittens over that fiasco. Oh well, they will go bowling somewhere I am sure. There are too many bowls.
There is absolutely no excuse for the Tide to have not rolled the Tigers of Auburn. Cam is one hell of a player but the Tide had more than one opportunity to put Cam and Co. in the shade. Auburn was exposed for sure but is still probably the best team overall in the nation. Would likely win two of three against the likes of Oregon,  Wisconsin, LSU, Boise, TCU,  etc.
Oregon took care of Arizona as predicted. This team will likely, barring a meltdown against their cross state rival next week, be in the BCS Championship game. The worse case scenario is that they will be in the Rose Bowl.
Boise State was exposed. They are the better team of the two but let this one get away. The BCS aficionados were probably dancing in their underwear last night. Now no Broncs in a BCS game. That is a shame. It hurts the BCS system when a Boise State, TCU, Utah, etc. are "allowed" to compete and clean the clock of a BCS opponent. Boise would beat Nevada 4 out of 5 times but did not last night. Have to feel a bit sorry for the Bronco kicker. He will need to change schools after last night. He is a good kicker but like any pitcher in baseball, he had a bad night. Also like a pitcher, his bad night happened at the worse possible time for the club. A kicker is either a hero or a dog. It is the nature of the position. I would still put Boise State in the top six. They would beat any team in the BCS system with the possible exception of Auburn or Oregon 2 out of 3 times.

Today there are no games with real national implications with the possible exception of the TCU/New Mexico match up. TCU is a darn good team but is probably not going to get a chance at the national title. It would be a travesty to keep them out of a BCS bowl though. The LSU/Arkansas game could possibly still have some national implications. We will see. Their (LSU) only loss was to the Tigers of Auburn. If Bama had won yesterday I would have been forced to grudgingly root for Miles and Co. over the Hogs which is the ridiculous outcome of the extremely flawed and ruinous BCS system. As it is now, I will have to go with the Razorbacks to dash LSU's hopes. The game is in Little Rock which helps the Hogs, but there will be a lot of Tiger fans in attendance. Should be a good game.

I guess the only other game of really any importance is the Oklahoma State/Oklahoma game. It is in Stillwater and should be a hard fought and close game. Both are very good, but not great teams.

Some will say that the marquee Big Ten match ups mean something. But let us be honest, those games really mean very little. MSU is not national title material and Wisconsin fell earlier to Michigan State and is not  considered as a national contender. I would say that Wisconsin is the still best in conference. The Big Ten is much better this year. Ohio State and Michigan mean nothing other than being a storied rivalry game. Coach Rich should have stayed at WVU where he was building a national power. He will likely be run from Michigan after it is all said and done. Shame. He is a good coach a deserves better. He will likely land somewhere that is a better program if he indeed is fired. They might be doing him a favor to let him go.

Got to get back to the games.

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