Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday Review

Thursday night UConn nipped the Pitt Panthers in a pretty good ball game. Pitt is still in the race as this is their first conference loss but certainly must guard against any further mishaps. All Big East teams are at least theoretically in the race for the Big East crown. This is a bit sad actually. Nobody seems to be anything better than just above average. Syracuse is probably the biggest surprise with a 6-3 overall record but they are 3-2 in conference play. This is still up for grabs.
ECU scored 27 fourth quarter points to overtake the Blazers of Birmingham in front of a crowd of about 20. The Blazers can at times show some flashes of good football and may have thought the game was in the bag. Not a good idea when faced with an ECU squad that can score points and do so quickly. Amazing comeback. ECU remains in the hunt for CUSA East although UCF is in the driver seat. The Boise/Idaho game starts shortly but the outcome is likely a foregone conclusion. Almost like the game has already been played. To quote Sam Elliot (almost) from the movie Gettysburg; "It has an odd stony quality about it, like it was already a memory." Well that is kinda a quote. Enjoy the games.

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