Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 10 Predictions

It looks like there are some good games on tap this week and it also looks like it is Homecoming week for a lot of SEC schools. Some are playing down so to speak looking for the quick and easy victory to entertain the alum. Wonder if that will work out for all of them? I imagine someone will get embarrassed. On to the predictions for week ten.

1. Georgia Tech vs Virginia Tech: This may or may not be a good game. Va. Tech has bounced back from a dismal start and Georgia Tech is fair at best. For either school a lot depends on which team shows up. Va. Tech is undefeated in conference, but that does not really say a whole lot. The ACC is certainly down this year. I will predict that the Hokies pull this one off however. Go with Va. Tech.

2. UCF at Houston: This could be a good one also. UCF had a nice win over ECU last week and is in the driver seat for CUSA East. Houston is still in contention for CUSA West despite losing QB's one and two. They are playing with the third "teamer" starting and seem to be getting back on track. I will go with the Coogs to pull off a minor upset here. Go with Houston.

3. NC State vs Clemson: Another interesting ACC game. NC State is still playing some decent ball and had a very nice come back win over FSU last week. Clemson is probably better than their 4-4 record. This could be a toss up but I will go with the Wolfpack here.

4. Illinois vs Michigan: Michigan is a disappointment and Illinois is playing about par for the course or perhaps even a little above. Rich will likely lose his job after this season and Zook is also on the hot seat. I think that Michigan has more talent but will look for Illinois to pull off an upset despite their dismal road record. Go with the Illini.

5.  Chattanooga vs Auburn: Can I pad my stats a bit? Why not? Auburn appears to be doing so here. I like the Mocs (I love that part of TN) and I do not like Auburn but of course Auburn is number one in D1 and Chattanooga merely plays in IAA. Auburn will win easily here but wouldn't it be great if......? One can hope.

6. TCU vs Utah: This is probably the game of the week or at least it should be. TCU and Utah are poised to be BCS busters but of course only one will prevail. I think that TCU is probably the better team but Utah is a damn good team in their own right. I would put Utah on the level as perhaps Oklahoma State and TCU perhaps as good as Wisconsin. I think TCU will take this one. Go with the Frogs.

7. Ohio vs Buffalo: The Bobcats need to keep on winning and get a little help to stay in contention in the MAC. They will do their part and win this one. Go with Ohio.

8. New Mexico St vs Utah St: Someone has to win here and I believe it will be the Aggies of Utah St over the Aggies of NMSU. They appear to have a bit more talent and should take this one. Go with USU.

9. Hawaii vs Boise State: Now here is a good one. BSU should be able to win this one but Hawaii is playing some darn good ball. It is doubtful that the Warriors will have the talent to keep up here but they are one of the few WAC teams that actually may have a (slight) shot of unseating the king. I will go with the Broncos here.

10. Alabama vs LSU: This may or may not be a good game. If Bama is to stay in consideration for the BCS "Big Game" they must run the table the rest of the way. There may be a hick up or two along the way but probably not Saturday. LSU will not win this one without some wicked voodoo working for them. Go with the Tide to roll.

11. Fresno State vs Louisiana Tech: Both of these Bulldogs need this one. La. Tech needs to get a little respect as does Fresno State. Pat Hill's club may be a bit disappointing thus far but they are always a very dangerous team. I will go with Fresno State to pull this one out of the hat.

12. Oklahoma vs Texas A&M: Can the Aggies make it three in a row? No. Not against this squad. The Sooners will roll here. Go with Oklahoma.

13. Troy vs North Texas: Troy will right the ship here. Dodge likely will not be the Mean Green coach next year. The Trojans will help him pack his bags. Go with Troy in a rout.

14. Arizona vs Stanford: This is a good PAC 10 game. I am still not a believer in Arizona but am for certain a believer in Stanford. I could be wrong. I will pick Stanford in a close game.

15. Texas vs KSU: This is probably pretty evenly matched game. KSU is not a very good team and Texas is for certain a disappointment this year. The Wildcats have trouble moving the ball and their defense is just adequate. The game is at home for the Wildcats and that should give them a slight edge but the Horns played extremely well against Nebraska in Lincoln. I will go with the Horns here.

16. Missouri vs Texas Tech: The Tigers need to show the country that they are truly for real. The were totally blown out last week. Tech is not a good team this year and Mizzou should be able to take them down. Go with Missouri.

17. Northwestern vs PSU: A toss up. I will go with the Lions for no particular reason. The game is pretty evenly matched as far as I can tell.

18. Arkansas vs South Carolina: This game will decide who is the best of the second tier SEC teams this year. Both are well coached with very talented but somewhat erratic QBs at the helm. I will give the Gamecocks the home field nod and pick them in a close game. Go with SC.

19. Texas Southern vs Southern: This SWAC game is the IAA game of the week. The Tigers have not played this well in years and Coach Cole must be doing something right in Houston. I am not familiar with Southern this year but they do not have a very good record at all. I will go with the Tigers to beat the Jags even though the game is in Baton Rouge. Go with TSU.

20 Louisiana vs Ole Miss: I pick this to be the potential shocker of the week. The Cajuns have not had a good season and it would be a boon to the program to beat an SEC team, albeit a weak one, on the road. I don't know if they have the talent but I know that the coaching staff have instilled the desire. Ole Miss players must be disappointed in themselves and may not really be all that interested. Go with the Cajuns to pull off the upset in Oxford.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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