Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 11 Predictions

The college football season is coming down to the wire and it has been an interesting and surprising year indeed. Who would have thought that Texas would be so far down?Snyder is bringing KSU back to respectability to be certain. Iowa State, Baylor and Mississippi State have been pleasant surprises also. It is no surprise that Notre Dame is mediocre. That appears to par for the course in South Bend. Even without Tim who would have thought that Florida would not be a player on the national scene this year? Not many I would guess. Well on to the predictions for week 11.

1. Pittsburgh vs UConn: Every game is a must win for each and every team in the Big East. Each has at least a theoretical shot at winning the title. Perhaps Pitt is the best team in conference and should go a long way to proving it shortly. Go with the Panthers.

2. Boise St vs Idaho: A tune up game for the Broncos before they meet with Fresno and Nevada. Akey does a pretty good job in Idaho and Enderle is a good QB but they will be no match for their cross state WAC rival.

3. UCF vs USM: UCF is in the driver seat in CUSA West but USM can be a dangerous opponent. I think that UCF has the talent to prevail here. Go with the Golden Knights.

4. Kansas ST vs Missouri: Missouri is probably the better team here and will get a nice bowl game but I think that KSU will prevail here with a minor upset. The Bears have to be depressed about how the last two games have gone for them. Go with the Wildcats.

5. Iowa St. vs Colorado: Iowa State is 5-5 which is darn good for them and Colorado is done. Perhaps they will do better in the PAC 10. Doubtful. I go with the Hawkeyes to take this one hands down.

6. Penn St vs Ohio State: This is a big game although PSU is not really going anywhere in conference. They should still get a good bowl. OSU must win to be considered still a contender for the National Title, much less the Conference Title. Another loss with knock them out of contention for both. I go with OSU to pull this out in a fairly close contest.

7. Georgia vs Auburn: Auburn will win this one but it may be a bit closer than expected. Georgia is steadily improving and may actually go bowling this year. I will go with the Tigers in a fairly close one.

8. San Diego St. vs TCU: This is one team that TCU should not let down their guard on. They are flush from the beat down of Utah last week and should be on the lookout for a let down. Hoke is a good coach and SDSU is a pretty darn good ballclub. I still will go with the Frogs to take this one hands down.

9. TAMU vs Baylor: This may be a good one. Both teams are probably pretty even and each is led by very good QB's. Briles is the better coach and the game is in Waco which may be the deciding factor here. I will go with Baylor in a shoot out.

10. Louisiana Monroe vs LSU: I will pad my stats here a bit. It is apparently homecoming in Tigerland. ULM may (or may not be) the second best D1 team in state but are going to be no match for the Tigers. Go with LSU.

11. Tulsa vs UH: This is an important game in the still open CUSA West. Tulsa is probably the better team as UH is playing with the third or fourth team QB at the helm. It will be an interesting game but I will go with the Cougars to pull this one out of the hat. Go with UH.

12. Rice vs Tulane: I wanted to go to this one but it does not look like that will happen. Neither team is very good but Tulane is probably marginally better. I will look for the Green Wave to win this one.

13. Nevada vs Fresno State: The Wolfpack are the better team but the Bulldogs are always a very dangerous opponent. The game is at home for Fresno and Pat Hill will have his club ready. I think they may pull off the upset here. Pick Fresno State.

14. Utah vs Notre Dame: Utah will be fighting mad when they travel to South Bend and will take it out on the Irish. Notre Dame will be out to prove something also after their loss to Tulsa but the Irish are just not a good team. Besides I dislike their coach. I will go with the Utes here in a rout.

15. UTEP vs Arkansas: Must be homecoming. The only problem is that UTEP, depending on which team shows up, is a tough opponent. Vittatoe is a good QB and Price is a stellar coach. This may be closer than expected but I will still pick the Hogs here.

16. Minnesota vs Illinois: This should be a win for the Illini over the hapless Gophers. Zook will need to finish strong to keep his job probably. I will go with Illinois here.

17. Oregon vs California: I wonder which Bear team will show up. They can be good and they can look just dismal. Either way it probably won't matter. Oregon will take this one with relative ease I suspect. Go with the Ducks.

18. Indiana vs Wisconsin: Wisconsin is good and Indiana is just not. Go with the Badgers.

19. Grambling vs Texas Southern: For the second week in a row I will pick a SWAC game (and TSU) to be the IAA game of the week. Grambling appears to be a pretty good SWAC team and TSU is better than they have been in a long long time. The game will be played in Houston and I think that Texas Southern will surprise. Go with TSU.

20 Mississippi State vs Alabama: This is the potential shocker of the week. The Tide must be let down after seeing any chance they have at a National Title shot going out the window. They still have a shot at the SEC though and should stay focused on that. Saban will likely emphasize this and his squad will beat the Bulldogs. It may be close and I could be wrong, but I will go with the Tide here.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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