Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just How Good is Oregon?

Oregon is a good team. In my opinion they are a championship caliber squad. There is a wrinkle however. Only 4 teams in the PAC 10 have winning records. Other than an excellent Stanford squad, the other two are a decent Arizona team and a USC squad. USC does not count due to NCAA probation. Should this perhaps keep Oregon out of the conversation for the BCS Title Game? Perhaps it should. Should Oregon rightly be placed ahead of TCU which may have had at least near as tough of a schedule? An argument can be made that the Ducks should be ahead of TCU in the polls. Their sked was indeed marginally tougher with wins over Stanford and Arizona. TCU's only victory over a top 25 squad was a beat down of Utah. Hmm. Should Oregon be placed ahead of a very good Wisconsin, Michigan State or a darn tough Ohio State team?  Probably not. How about Arkansas or LSU? Perhaps they should and perhaps they should not. The SEC is hands down tougher than the PAC 10 in a bad year. Should they be placed ahead of a good Nevada or indeed even a Boise State team? An argument can be made that the Ducks should and also an argument otherwise. You see this is the system we have in place. The BCS system is ruining the game to be sure. As stated I believe Oregon can play with anyone but if we are just to go by the current "system" perhaps they should not be rated any higher than five in the standings. I would put Auburn, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Ohio State, and perhaps TCU, LSU and Arkansas ahead of them. I would put the Bartender Cabbie Series up against the Bowl Championship Series any day. I couldn't do any more damage than the BCS has already done and continues to do.

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