Friday, November 26, 2010

Anything to Keep the BCS in Flux - Even Rooting for Alabama

Alabama should have won the game today but did not. The better team prevailed. At any time trying to chose between these two is like trying to chose who to root for in the Iran/Iraq war. Remember that conflict?  I never could figure out who to root for in that particular game in the only sport that really matters. As it is today I found myself rooting for the odious Tide. Why? It would have been nice to see Auburn lose to further damage the BCS. If Auburn would have lost the game I then would have had to root for LSU over my beloved Razorbacks. This is the kind of thing that the BCS system does. It messes up your loyalty. Not that I am a big LSU fan. I am not, but still would rather see those Tigers with a shot at national (and conference) honors than the Tigers from Auburn. There is still a chance for Auburn to lose in the SEC Championship game, but it is rather unlikely that the Gamecocks will prevail in that one. Auburn is such a good team. Incidentally I am rooting also for Oregon to fall to Arizona. It is a close one as of this writing. Anything to screw up the BCS system. Anything!! It is ruining the game.

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