Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week Six Predictions

There are some good games this week starting with an interesting Sun Belt match up tonight. Lets take a look.

1. Middle TN vs Troy: Dwight Dasher is back after an NCAA mandated "time out." Will that be enough for the Blue Raiders to take down Troy this evening? One man does not make a team. The Trojans have beaten MTSU five years running. This game will likely determine the conference champion and the winner will go to the New Orleans Bowl. I pick Troy in a close one.

2. Nebaraka vs Kansas State: Neither team has looked real good so far this season. My gut tells me that the Cornhuskers are the better team but that has yet to be proven. They have had some difficulty with teams that they should have easily beaten. KSU is winning but seems to just get by. I will go with the Cornhuskers to win this Thursday night contest.

3. Oklahoma St. vs Louisiana: The last time a Big Twelve team came calling in Lafayette the Cajuns recorded a victory over KSU. KSU went on to have a decent season and that said something. Oklahoma State is a pretty good ballclub, but not sure they are deserving of the 22 national ranking. We will see if the Cajuns can pull off the upset at home for the second year running. I kind of doubt it. I will go with the Cowboys here to take this one Friday night. It might not be pretty for us Cajun fans.

4. UCONN vs Rutgers: The battle that no one cares about. Rutgers is apparently going nowhere, even in the weak Big East and UConn may undeservedly slip into a minor bowl. I will go with the Huskies to win this one.

5. Baylor vs Texas Tech: Most years this would be a no brainer. Not this year. Texas Tech is on a downhill slide that may be hard to stop. Baylor will have a nice (for them) year and make it to a decent bowl. I go with Baylor to win here. It may be close.

6. Temple vs Northern Illinois: This should be a very good game between the best in the MAC and an up and coming Northern Illinois squad. Both teams are well coached and it may be a close game but I will have to go with Temple to win. They will have to play better than last week though.

7. Army vs Tulane: An evenly matched game. West Point near took down a very good Temple team last week and Tulane recorded an upset (sorta) vs Rutgers. I think these teams are as even as can be and will go with the Green Wave to actually win two in a row. Pick Tulane.

8. Arkansas v s TAMU: This game is being held in College Station and may have upset written all over it. The Aggies are going nowhere but the Hogs must be thoroughly disgusted with themselves. Have they gotten over the meltdown against the Crimson Tide the other week? It is crucial that the do. The Aggies have shown that they can play football for about 1/2 of a game and could be dangerous if they get it together. I think that Ryan will find a way to topple them by about two touchdowns. Go with the Hogs.

9. Utah State vs Louisiana Tech: These Aggies are not a bad team. The Bulldogs seem average (for a WAC school) at best. I think that Utah State will find a way to win this game and continue with what looks like a pretty good (for them) season. If it keeps up they may go bowling somewhere. Go with Utah State.

10. Colorado vs Missouri: Somehow the Buffs have only lost one game. They are perhaps one of the worst teams in a BCS conference. I would look for Pinkel to have his Tigers ready to start getting some national attention by crushing Hawkins's club. It may be a blow out. Get ready for assistant coach or a D2 head coaching position somewhere Dan. Wish you had stayed in Idaho yet?

11. ECU vs Southern Miss: This game may be very important in determining who will be the best squad in CUSA East. Of course one can not forget UCF. I like both teams and Southern Miss should really have beaten South Carolina. I am surprised that ECU did not take down NC last week. They may be out to prove a point this week. Hattiesburg is a tough place to win but I think that ECU will pull on out of the hat for a minor upset. Go with the Pirates.

12. SMU vs Tulsa: This game may be important for CUSA West. SMU is a pretty good team and Tulsa still has some things to prove. I think that June Jones has the Mustangs ready to beat a fairly decent team this week. Go with SMU.

13. U of H vs Mississippi State: We will see how the Coogs fare in this game without their 1st and 2nd QB. Both are out for the season. The Cougars had last week off and they probably needed it to get their game together. It will be hard to beat the Bulldogs without their starting QB though. I would go with Mississippi State in a close one.

14. USC vs Stanford: Both teams have something to prove. Stanford is likely the better team and is for certain better coached. The lost last week to the Ducks is something they will have to get past though. I will go with Harbaugh's team to win this one. Go with Stanford.

15. Hawaii vs Fresno State: These Bulldogs have not looked too good so far this year. Playing a bit under expectations probably. They win but it is not pretty. Hawaii is a bit of a mystery still. I think that the Bulldogs will win in a very close game.

16. San Diego State vs BYU: The Aztecs are playing decent (for them) football. The Cougars have totally fallen apart. I think that SDSU will continue to help the Coogs race to the bottom. It may be close though. Pick SDSU.

17. Michigan vs Michigan State: A rivalry game to be sure. Not quite as bit as Ohio State/Michigan but a close second. Dantonio is still recovering from an illness and the Wolverines are so far rolling. I can't help but think back the other week when the Spartans near lost to FAU. I will go with the Wolverines here.

18. Tennessee vs Georgia: If there is a "major" college team worse than Colorado it has proven to be the Bulldogs. They are just plain bad. Richt must go now. Tennessee is under first year coach Dooley (no not that one) and should be able to beat the school that made his father a Hall of Fame college coach. Go with the Vols.

19. Central Arkansas vs Northwestern State (La.): I pick this Southland Conference tilt to be the IAA game of the week. The Bears appear to be a good bit better than the Demons. I would like to see this game. I have seen both of these schools play before and would love to see them play each other. I will go with UCA here. I believe they are eligible for the IAA playoffs this year. If so, they will be in them.

20: Toledo vs Boise State: I pick this game to be the potential shocker of the week. I think that Toledo has a pretty good and ever improving club, the meltdown vs Wyoming notwishtstanding. They have the potential to be in the MAC Championship Game. Boise State may be over confident. They know however that if they even let the Rockets stay close that it will further damage their chances for a good BCS Bowl, much less the Championship Game. I would look for the Rockets to keep it closer than expected but will still pick the Broncos to win.


  1. Not picking LSU at Florida? Come on Cabbie, be brave. I'm going to be foolish. This will be a confusing and wierdly played game which both teams will play rather poorly. Florida will be worse, though, and LSU will win.

    Bama will win in SC, but it may not be an easy win.

  2. Sure did not think that LSU would win that one. I also did not see the BAMA loss coming. You were right, it was apparently a "weirdly played game." Expect no less from Miles.