Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 7 Predictions

The college game is in full swing and their have been some surprises of late. Syracuse is playing some under the radar good football and of course Alabama has been knocked of her perch. Knocked off the porch may be a more fitting analogy. USC is self destructing under this Kiffin, but that was to be expected and LSU is still unbeaten. How that is possible is beyond me but facts are facts. It is certainly unlikely they will suffer a loss this weekend against a fair at best cross state IAA opponent. Boise will continue to roll without a problem and Texas is not in the top 25. Who would have thought that possible even in a rebuild year? Yes the season is pretty interesting with a lot of football left to be played. Onto the predictions.

1. South Florida vs West Virginia: USF is apparently suffering some growing pains under first year coach Holtz. WVU is a good football team and will likely be the Big East representative in a BCS game this year. WVU must roll through the rest of the schedule however to gain much respect in the college football world. The Big East is certainly not real good this year. I would go with WVU to win this one.

2. Kansas vs KSU: A rivalry game where all the stats and records can be thrown out. KSU has only one loss but has not really looked very good all year. This will catch up with them, but not likely this Thursday. I would go with Wildcats to win this one.

3. Miami (Oh) vs. CMU: The Red Hawks are undefeated at this point in conference play but that will likely end this week. I would pick CMU to get back on track and take this one. Go with the Chippies.

4. Maryland vs Clemson: Don't let the records fool you here. The Terps are not a real good team despite their record and Clemson is better than their record indicates.  I will pick the Tigers in a possible blowout. Go with Clemson.

5. Pitt vs Syracuse: We will see if Syracuse is actually for real this week. They seem to be playing some pretty good ball and nobody is talking much about it. Could it be that no one is taking the Orange seriously because they play in the Big East? Is Pitt really that bad? I think it will be a good game but pick the Panthers to pull this one out. If not, then folks should start to pay at least some attention to the Orange. Go with Pitt.

6. Illinois vs Michigan State: State is a pretty good team but I am not convinced that Illinois is that bad. I think there will be a let down to some extent on the part of the Spartans, just enough to let the Illini take them in an upset. Go with Illinois.

7. Missouri vs TAMU: Missouri is just now beginning to get some national attention and a good victory over the hapless Aggies will solidify this. I would go with the Tigers here. Pick Mizzou.

8. NC State vs ECU: This has the earmarks of being a pretty good game. NC State is a quality team and ECU is playing some decent ball in what is supposed to be a rebuild year. I think that NC State has the talent to win but will have trouble doing so. I will go with the Pirates to pull off an upset.

9. Vanderbilt vs Georgia: This may be a pretty good game. Georgia has more talent but has self destructed this year for sure. They did have a confidence boosting win over TN. last week but one wonders if they can keep it up. I will go with Vandy to pull off a minor upset here.

10. Bowling Green vs Temple: I think the Owls will rebound this week in this match up with the Falcons. Temple will be in the Mid American championship game and should have no trouble this week. Go with Temple.

11. Army vs Rutgers: Both of these teams have an opponent in common; Tulane. Army beat the Wave while Rutgers lost. Rutgers did have a good victory last week and will likely win another when West Point comes calling. It will be close but I would go with the Knights.

12. Houston vs Rice: The Bayou Bucket is a rivalry game that can be kind of fun to go and watch. This year should have been a no brainer, but U of H is playing their third string QB for the rest of the year. Rice is Rice and will likely not win more than two or three this year but may well give the Coogs all they can handle. I will go with U of H to win but it may be close. With any luck I may get to go see this one in person.

13. California vs USC: This may be a good game. Cal is a pretty decent team and USC is falling off the pace but still a dangerous opponent for anyone. I will go with Tedford's team to win here mainly due to the quality of coaching rather than the prowess of the players. Go with the Golden Bears.

14. Idaho vs Louisiana Tech: Idaho should be ready for Tech after a week off. It all depends on the type of game Enderle and the offense has this week. If they are on, then Tech stands little chance. If they don't play to potential then they could allow the Bulldogs in. I would go with Idaho in a pretty close game. Pick the Vandals.

15. Arkansas vs Auburn: This is probably the big game of the week. The Hogs sure had their opportunity to take down the Crimson Tide a while back and they probably needed the tune up against the Aggies last week to instill some confidence. Auburn looks to be a good team hands down. If Mallet has a good game the Hogs will win. I will pick Arkansas to pull this one out of the hat. Go with the Hogs.

16. Ohio State vs Wisconsin; The pundits are playing this game up to be this weekends top game. They are going on and on about how hard it is to win at Camp Randle, etc. etc. I don't think the Badgers are for real and frankly believe that Ohio State is the real deal. I don't care how hard it is to win in Wisconsin, the Buckeyes will find a way.  Pick Ohio State.

17. Baylor vs Colorado: The Bears should probably have beaten the Red Raiders last week but did not. I don't think they will have the same problems this weekend though. Pick Briles to help Hawkins pack his bags. Go with the Bears.

18. Tulane vs Tulsa: Tulsa needs this win to stay competitive in CUSA West. They will likely not have too much problem with the Green Wave but one never knows. Tulsa is certainly no better than Rutgers and the Wave found a way to win that one. That being said, I still pick Tulsa in this one.

19. South Alabama vs Lamar: This is the IAA game of the week. Lamar is back playing football after many years without the game. South Alabama is still playing at the club level and will transition to D1 football in 2013. They have enjoyed  huge fan support at home. Lamar has had some decent outings and has been blown out in some games. I will pick the Cardinals to win this one over the Jags. Pick Lamar.

20:  Iowa State vs Oklahoma: I pick this game to be the potential shocker of the week. Why? Oklahoma is just not as good as advertised. Iowa State is a below par club but I think they will come to town ready to play. The Sooners are likely to be over confident, perhaps believing their ranking. They may well be surprised here. I would go with Iowa State in an upset. Pick the Cyclones.


  1. South Alabama demolished Lamar. Also, South isn't playing at a club level.

    Read more here:

  2. Ok I thought they were still at club level. Are they moving to D1 before long?