Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Day of the Unranked

There were a number of games in which a ranked team met with an unranked opponent and came out on the losing end. No wonder the college game is so hard to predict this year.

The Big One was probably the unranked Longhorns taking down the Cornhuskers. That was certainly not foreseen by many. This damaged Nebraska in the hunt for the national title and perhaps boosted the Longhorns stature and player confidence a good bit. Brown will have the Horns back in a year or so and of course Pelini will have Nebraska challenging, if not dominating, the Big X in a couple years. It is pathetic that the Huskers are chosing to move conferences. I wish them no luck whatsoever.

Well South Carolina was nipped by the Wildcats. Probably not as big an upset as the above game, but a pretty stunning affair none the less. Spurrier's squad probably took the Cats for granted after knocking off "Number One" last week. Wisconsin better guard against the same thing happening to them next week.

Number 23 Air Force was edged by SDSU. Hoke will have a good team in San Diego before too long. Watch out for the Aztecs in the next year or two. AFA is a pretty good ball club yet and probably the best team of the Service schools.

Number 19 Nevada was beaten by a pretty decent Hawaii squad. Nevada is a pretty good team and a very good team for a WAC school. Hawaii seems to be getting it together and is playing some pretty decent ball apparently.

Oregon State ranked number 24, was beaten by Washington in a minor upset. U of W is apparently playing some good ball and OSU is a pretty good team yet. We will see who gets to a better bowl when all is said and done.

Yes indeed. Yesterday was the "Day of the Unranked."

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  1. "Hoke will have a good team in San Diego before too long."

    I can't count the number of times I have heard sportswriters and commentators question why SDSU cannot recruit well, what with San Diego being such a wonderful place, and the school being right in the center of town and having such a fabulous campus, blah, blah, blah.

    Idiots. SDSU's record has spoken for itself.

    Now that Hoke is here and starting to win games against significant opponents, I think recruiting will get a shot in the arm and he can build the program. I think you are right. There is a significant chance that we will have a very decent team fairly soon.