Sunday, October 17, 2010

Undefeated Teams after Week 7

There are still a few teams that are undefeated in the ranks of D1 college ball after a wild seventh week of play. Let us take a look.

There are two undefeated teams in the SEC; Auburn and LSU. LSU will surely suffer at least two losses before it is all said and done and it is doubtful that Auburn will go undefeated. Probably the best squad in this conference is still the Crimson Tide despite the hick up suffered at the hands of the Gamecocks in week 6. The Tide may well have a shot at the BCS Title Game.

Boise State is the only remaining unbeaten in the WAC after Nevada fell to the team from Hawaii last night. They are a great team but the competition level for the remainder of the season is suspect. They must watch out for Nevada, Fresno State and perhaps Hawaii but in reality should be able to handle the rest of their schedule with relative ease. Would they be ready for an Ohio State, Bama or Oregon? Not sure but they are a legitimate team and a danger to anyone.

The only team remaining unbeaten in the suspect Pac 10 is the Oregon squad. Oregon and Stanford may be the only legitimate top ten teams in the conference. Not a believer in Arizona quite yet and OSU, while still a good team, is falling off the pace. Oregon may have a shot at a national title. Time will tell. One loss in this conference will knock them out of contention while one loss in the Big X or SEC will not disqualify a team from a title shot.

Oklahoma, OSU and Missouri remain the only unbeatens in the Big XII at this point. Not really sure if any of them are national title quality. Each team is still suspect and at least one may be a pretender. It is likely that each of these teams will suffer at least one loss before it is all said and done. Would one loss be enough to keep them out of the Big Game? Likely so.

Two teams remain unbeaten in the Mtn West. Utah and TCU are quality teams and no mistake. Are they ready for the likes of Ohio State, Bama, Oregon or Auburn? Probably not. It is doubtful that either will get a national title shot, but one or the other may sneak into a BCS game.

It is possible that some, but not all, of the above still undefeated teams have a shot at the national title game. It is more likely that the BCS Title contest will be played between teams that have already lost a game. Still looking for Bama and Ohio State to be in that one. Of course there will be some major howling and perhaps rightly so if this comes to pass. A lot of football left to be played though.

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