Monday, October 18, 2010

Something I Did Not Know about College Football. Imagine That

I have been informed by one of my thousands of readers (ha ha) that the team that beat Lamar University last Saturday was not the University of South Alabama regular squad. I thought that the entire program was club level football and I was apparently mistaken. There is an organization called the NCFA (National Club Football Association) and various schools field teams within this organization. The University of New Orleans along with others field club football teams exclusively and some major schools in D1 also have teams that compete in this organization. Texas Tech, Clemson, South Carolina and North Carolina are those "major" schools that have club level football. Maine competes in IAA and also fields a club team at this level. Apparently a club level football team is not sanctioned by the NCAA and is not subject to the same rules. This is pretty interesting and I think I will investigate further.

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