Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Morning Oct 2

Thursday night Oklahoma State came back on the Aggies and won the game. I figured these teams were fairly even but the Cowboys apparently are the better team. It is funny that the Aggie faithful were calling for a coach to "take them to the next level" back when old R.C. Slocum was at the helm. Guess what? R.C. Slocum was the next level for TAMU. Slocum's teams were never in any danger of challenging for the national championship but were certainly competitive and were usually ranked. That is really about the best that can be expected in College Station. Funny how some folks just have a bit too much in the way of expectations from their sports programs. Notre Dame comes to mind.....

I certainly did not see Utah State thrashing BYU coming. Is Utah State that much improved? They are somewhat improved over recent years and that is obvious and a beat down of the Cougars must have instilled some confidence. It is not out of the question that these Aggies will find themselves in a minor bowl somewhere.

So far 1-1 for this week. We will see how the rest of the day plays out.

Enjoy the games. I will unfortunately be working tonight and will miss some that I would like to be watching.


  1. I'm not sure that it isn't more a case that BYU has just developed a major case of suckage. They flopped against Air Force, and the loss to Nevada was hardly a thing of beauty.

  2. That is true. BYU is certainly down this year. However Utah State was the opponent. I was looking at history here. The Aggies certainly held their own against the Sooners at the start of the season.