Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 8 Predictions

Let me see if I can do better this week than last week's banner 10-10 mark. There are some pretty good games coming up so without further yapping.....

1. UCLA vs Oregon: This may (or may not) be a pretty good game. UCLA has had some flashes but has also played like a team with no business in D1. Oregon is undefeated yet other than the game against Stanford, they have really faced no tough opponent. Oregon is the better team and will find a way to come out on top this Thursday.

2. West Virginia vs Syracuse: There is no real reason that WVU should not come out on top in this contest. WVU is the only real good team in conference.

3. Rutgers vs Pitt: Another Big East match up that may be somewhat interesting. Rutgers has the better record but has not been really very impressive. Pitt may be improving as the season rolls along and I will have to go with the Panthers here. Pick Pitt.

4. Michigan State vs Northwestern: I keep thinking of the game earlier this year where a Sun Belt squad near took down the Spartans. I think that the Wildcats may be poised for an upset here. Pick Northwestern.

5. Indiana vs Illinois: Neither team is really going anywhere. Perhaps a minor bowl if luck is with them. This game is probably about a toss up and I will go with Illinois to pull this one out. Why? I like their uniforms. Go with the Illini.

6. Mississippi vs Arkansas: The Hogs need this game to get healthy and should be able to take down the Rebs. I will go with Arkansas here in a possible blow out.

7. Miami Oh vs Ohio: This game may still have some implications in the race for the MAC Championship game. Probably not, but both teams do still have a theoretical shot. I think that Miami Ohio is playing some surprising ball and that Ohio has been underachieving a bit. I will go with the Bobcats in a close one.

8. Houston vs SMU: The Coogs are done this year. Earlier I would have probably picked Houston to take SMU down but not now. I go with SMU to win this one hands down.

9. Kansas St vs Baylor: This is perhaps the most interesting game of the weekend. KSU has shown that they can play some ball at times and Baylor is a pleasant surprise. I would put this game as about even but think that Baylor will pull this one out at home.

10. Nebraska vs Oklahoma St: The pretender will show themselves this week and it will not be the Huskers despite last week's dismal performance. Pick Nebraska.

11. LSU vs Auburn: If LSU has red zone problems they will lose. If Auburn doesn't improve on defense then they will find themselves on the outs. A hard to predict game this is but I think that LSU will edge the other Tigers in a very close game. Perhaps that will get people off Miles' back.

12. WKU vs Louisiana: WKU had their chances to record their first Sun Belt win last week, but it was not to be so. They will have their chances against the Cajuns but will likely fall just short again. Go with the Cajuns in this one. It may be close.

13. North Carolina vs Miami: This could be another interesting match up. Only if both teams bring their A game though. If either comes not ready to play they will be blown out. If both are ready, then it will be a good close game. I pick the Canes to prevail here.

14. Clemson vs Georgia Tech: Both seem to be improving and are probably rated about even. I will go with the Tigers in another close ACC match up.

15. Hawaii vs Utah St: Hawaii is showing some definate signs of playing good ball this year the hick up vs Colorado notwithstanding. Utah St has shown potential but luck has not been with them. I would imagine that Hawaii will continue their winning ways here. Go with the Warriors.

16. Oklahoma vs Missouri: Both are good teams but one of them is over rated. Guess which one? I think that the Sooners have been living large and the Tigers are quietly moving forward. Go with Mizzou here.

17. Washington vs Arizona: Washington bounced OSU last week and will most likely do the same this. I would put my money on the Huskies here. They are up and coming.

18. Wisconsin vs Iowa: Which is the better team here? That is hard to say. I liked the way the Badgers played ball last week against the Buckeyes and will look for them to pull this one out of the hat also. It may be close and Wisconsin better watch out for that "post upset" fall off that is pretty common. Just ask Spurrier. Go with the Badgers.

19. SFA vs Sam Houston: This Southland Conference tilt is the IAA game of the week. SFA will likely be back in the IAA playoffs and is the better team. This is a rivalry game though and all records can be thrown out the window. Pick SFA.

20 Air Force vs TCU: I pick this to be the potential shocker of the week. AFA fell off the pace last week against an up and coming Aztec squad. They will be mad and ready to knock off the big boy in conference. Do they have enough talent to do it? We will see. I still will go with the Frogs to take this one but look for the Falcons to give them all they can handle.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


  1. Little surprised, but quite gratified, to see you pick LSU. I agree with your point that it hinges on LSU in the red zone. Les Miles is going to be an idiot, it just depends on the nature of his idiocy this week.

  2. They came close and it was a good game so I hear. I did not get to watch it.