Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weel 3 Analysis (2011)

Last week my won/loss was 13-7 for a grand total this season of  43-17. It will just get harder from here on out as many teams move into their conference schedule.

I guess it was inevitable; Notre Dame would finally win one. I would not look for them to have more than a five win season this year. Their schedule is pretty tough.

Over in the Sun Belt, Florida International is proving to be the real deal. They have shown a lot in their wins over the last two weeks. Yesterday they took down a pretty good UCF squad and dashed any hope of UCF being a "BCS Buster." Don't look for UCF to go away though. They will be right their in the CUSA fight.

Houston survived a scare and had to win in the remaining ticks to keep from having their slim BCS buster hopes alive. They will have to do better than they showed last night if they are to run the table.

Ohio State was kind of exposed last night. Miami with Harris is a pretty good team. Without? Not so much.

Oklahoma sort of took the Seminoles to the woodshed but that was expected.

Auburn's luck has finally run out on them. They really should be 0-3 at this point.

The MAC is a better conference than they are given credit for. At least three, and perhaps as many as five teams, are capable of giving the teams in "big time" college ball all they can handle. Temple, Ohio, Toledo and perhaps WMU or NIU are pretty darn good.

The Big XII has collectively lost only two games at this point. Does that tell us anything? Texas is probably not top 10, but they certainly are improving. Baylor is good and Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and those silly Aggies are top notch. Texas Tech? Not sure at this point. Iowa State will lose some but they are hot out of the gate.

The "PAC 12" is starting to be exposed. Took less time than I thought.

WVU has a quality team, perhaps the only one in the Big East that has what it takes to compete nationally. Oh I almost forgot about South Florida. They are often easy to overlook. The rest of the conference just is pretty terrible. It looks like a big shakeup is heading their way soon. I wonder if TCU is having second thoughts.

Look out for SDSU to slide into second place in the MTN West. They have quietly built a 3-0 record. No one will beat Boise State in conference play but it is hard to see if anyone else has what it takes to beat the Aztecs. Wyoming is starting off in fine fashion, but that won't last long. TCU had a bit of a scare.

Are there any good teams in the WAC left? Perhaps Fresno State. Nevada? Maybe.

As of right now it looks like Oklahoma deserves the number one spot in the polls. Alabama was not tested and LSU can make a case to be jumped ahead of the Tide at this point.

Week four approaches and there will be some stellar match ups. Looking forward to making those predictions.

Stay Tuned!!!

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