Saturday, September 3, 2011

How the Mighty Have Fallen?

Auburn lucked out big time this afternoon. Last year's defending "National Champions" had one heck of a time from the little regarded Aggies of Utah State. It is a shame that the boys from Utah let them come back on them. Auburn is still a pretty good team it appears and will go to one of the umpteen bowl games that will be played at the end of the season but they certainly have some work to do. If Utah State keeps their chin up they may be an actual contender in the WAC. Hard to say at this point. It was a fun game to watch but I was disappointed in the outcome.

Right now the Cougars of Houston are playing the Bruins. The Coogs should be able to pull this one out of the hat but it is still early. Houston, like the Bears of Baylor, will likely be appearing in some decent bowl games before all is said and done. I don't think the Coogs will be BCS busters but it is not out of the question. They need to take it one game at a time starting with the one in progress.


  1. Auburn pulled that one out of it's ass. Chizik has a lot of work to do with that defense, because Utah State is not that good. Not bad, and they played well, but the Auburn defense reeked.

    LSU/Oregon was entertaining, to say the least. One of the talking heads was prognosticating about how it was going to be a low scoring game. Why he thought that, I have no idea, but... Later he was being critical of Les Miles for calling running plays up the middle in the red zone. I was thinking to myself that Miles was probably doing that because for the last dozen times he called that type of play about one out of three had broken for 10+ yards, and the next play was a run up the middle for 12 yards and a touchdown. Sheesh.

    Still, LSU is not going to have an impressive record with Jarret Lee at quarterback.

  2. I agree somewhat. I think that LSU will probably lose three or four this year. Time will tell.