Sunday, September 25, 2011

Toledo Robbed By Bad Officiating

It appears that an extra point in the final minutes of play by the Orange(men) was indeed a missed extra point. Even after "further review" the extra point stood. That is a travesty frankly. It is not the end of the world of course but for a MAC team to have a victory over a "BCS" opponent stolen is ridiculous. Big East officials admit that the call on the field and the call "after further review" was in error. The Syracuse win should be considered null and void. It won't though. The score stands. That  is a shame. Toledo is now one of the best 1-3 teams in the country. They will not likely challenge Temple for the MAC crown but they may well make some noise yet.

On a similar note; Kansas State near had their victory stolen from them by bad officiating. Miami's Harris  clearly did not get in the end zone as seconds remained to secure a Hurricane victory. The play was called a touchdown by the official on the field but luckily (for KSU fans), the overturned in the booth. Harris knew it! His body language after the play showed that he knew darn good and well that he did not make the touchdown. I would not have been surprised for KSU to be again robbed of a victory. Bad officiating took a victory out of their pocket last year.

Officials try to do their best of course and "replay" is supposed to take away any and all chances for an error on the field. It is gross incompetence when those in the replay booth get the call wrong. Those involved in the Toledo fiasco should be relieved of duty.

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