Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pre Saturday Games

The Thursday and Friday night games were all very good. I would say that Mississippi State is probably the best 1-2 team in the land and still deserves a place in the top 25. I would probably equate them along the same lines as an Ohio State or PSU or Oregon.

 If Toledo had just kept it a little closer last night I would place them among the best of the 1-2 teams in the land. They may be yet. They will certainly be a force to contend with in the MAC race. No doubt.

When was the last time that Iowa State was 3-0 out of the gate? A good win last night keeps the momentum going. It will be interesting to see where they land in the Big XII. It will be interesting to see where they land period after the  conference dissolves. I just don't know where KSU, Iowa State, TTU and Baylor will land. Somebody will come looking for Kansas due to their basketball prowess and probably Mizzou also due to being a flagship univeristy, but some of the others may be on the outside looking in. Oh well. Time will tell.

There are some good games today but none probably any better than the ones that have already been decided this week.

Have a good weekend.

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