Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week 2 2011 Predictions

Boy this game is in flux. The silly Aggies look like they will be heading to the SEC and near permanent doormat status; Miami has some major violation issues to contend with and now Ken Starr has threatened the SEC with a lawsuit over the TAMU/SEC thing. Oklahoma is looking around and so it seems is just about everyone else in the Big Twelve. About the only thing that seems to remain constant is the corrupt BCS system. When it all come right down to it, the BCS system is likely at the root of all the bruhaha in the college game. With all that being said, the games still have to be played. Here are the predictions for week 2. Oh, thus far I am 15-5 which I suppose is just about as good as any professional analyst. As if there was such a thing.

1. Toledo vs Ohio State: It appears that the Buckeyes are content with beating up on the in state weak sisters. Akron last week? Come on!! Toledo is a step up likely from the Buckeye's competition last week, but won't be able to hang long with the Buckeyes. Pick Ohio State.

2. Iowa vs Iowa State: The Hawkeyes are the better team here. Go with them to win. It is rivalry game though and anything can happen.

3. Norfolk St vs WVU: The Mountaineers apparently need a scrimmage to tune up for the rest of the season. Here it is. Go with West Virginia.

4. Stanford vs Duke: A few years ago this would have been a contest to see who might be the worst team in "big time" college ball. No longer. Stanford may be a dark horse to take the whole banana. Go with the California boys.

5. Nevada vs Oregon: The reason that Oregon lost to the Bayou Bengals was not so much what the Louisiana crew actually did or did not do. It was the Ducks dayglo uniforms. You just can't win much in that type garb. Nevada has lost a good many players from last years' stellar squad and will have a difficult time here but I look for them to make the rest of the Duck season irrelevant. Go with the Wolfpack.

6. Hawaii vs Washington: The Rainbow Warriors errr just regular Warriors picked apart newly minted "PAC 12" member Colorado last week. Look for more of the same. Go with Hawaii.

7. Tulsa vs Tulane: This may or may not be a good game. Tulane has the better coaching staff but Tulsa has the better players. I will go with Tulsa to win this one. It may not be pretty or it may be a good close game. Hard to say.

8. South Carolina vs Georgia: Both teams have something to prove here and this conference game may (or may not) be an important contest in the SEC East. South Carolina needs to start sharp. Anything last last week and they will find themselves losing this one. Georgia was hands down beaten by a better team last week but South Carolina is not Boise State. Georgia needs to ditch those stupid uniforms though. Has to be done. You just can't win many games dressed like a queen in a beauty shop.

9. Central Arkansas vs Louisiana Tech: This one might be a good game. UCA is a pretty good IAA team but the Bulldogs may be a bit better than they have been in the past. They held up pretty well against USM. USM is a pretty darn good squad and may be a factor in the CUSA race. I will look for La. Tech to edge the Bears in a close one.

10. Kent State vs Louisiana Lafayette: This could be a pretty good game between some lower tier teams. Neither of the squads will likely make much noise in their respective conferences and both had a baptism by fire last week. Who will be the better team? Very hard to say. I will go with the Cajuns here. Not sure why?

11. USC vs Utah: The Trojans edged the Gophers last week in a game that they probably should have lost. Utah did not look really all that good either. Utah may well be a top 20 team before all is said and done and USC is irrelevant no matter what they do. I will go with the Utes to win here in a pretty good and close game.

12. Weber State vs Utah State: These Aggies from Utah showed a bit last week. They should have kicked Auburn while they were down and put a severe dent in the Tiger program. They fell apart unfortunately in the last few minutes of the game. How they come out and handle Weber State this week will show a lot. If they manhandle them they just might have a good season. If they falter? Well....I would go with these Aggies here.

13. Notre Dame vs Michigan: I like Hoke although I think he will wish he stayed in sunny SoCal before all is said and done. Notre Dame has already proven themselves to be about what they usually are. Over hyped and over rated. I will go with Michigan here.

14. Memphis vs Arkansas State: This may be a good game between some not so good teams. The Red Wolves have a new staff and Porter is still trying to get things going in Tigerland. I will go with Memphis here.

15. Grambling State vs Louisiana Monroe: This game features two teams in rather close proximity. Neither is any good likely but I will have to go with the team from Monroe here.

16. Purdue vs Rice: Purdue is not a good football team. Neither is Rice for that matter but this one is a home game for the Owls and they may just be able to pull it out of the hat. I may actually attend this one. Go with Rice.

17. Florida International vs Louisville: Florida International in the top 25? Not quite, but I think they, along with Troy, are the class of the Sun Belt and may well just be able to beat a mid level Big East Team. Go with the Panthers here.

18. Houston vs North Texas: Houston may run the table this year. They are a good team and the competition is certainly suspect. None more suspect than the Mean Green. The Coogs should be able to handle this squad with relative ease. McCarney needs a year or two to get things going up in Denton and Sumlin has his squad ready for a run. Go with Houston. There is possible blow out potential here.

19. TCU vs Air Force: Probably the best game of the week. Both teams are likely pretty evenly matched and I think this will be a good one. Go with TCU in a close one.

20. Temple vs Akron: This Temple team may be a pretty darn good MAC football team. Won't be a BCS buster sure, but they should do very well in the Mid American Conference this year. I look for them to have a fairly easy time with the Zips. Akron is licking its' wounds from last week's beat down and may just not have enough steam to contend here. Go with the Owls.

Those are the contests chosen for the week. Enjoy the games!!

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