Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 3 2011 Predictions

Well the third week of the college game is upon us. So far there have been only a handful of marquee match ups with a lot of the big time players hooking up with IAA and non BCS conference foes. It has bitten a couple of them on the ass. Louisville lost to FIU and the mighty Buckeyes were nearly taken down by an instate MAC opponent. That would have been wonderful for the game. Alas the Ohio boys slipped by and remain 20-0 at this point. This week has some interesting games but not one that would be called a "big game" by those in the "professional" media.

1. LSU vs Mississippi State: This one may be a pretty good game. The Bulldogs are likely better than the team they lost to last week and the jury is still somewhat out on the Tigers. Yes they had a nice win over a somewhat over rated PAC 12 opponent and a scrimmage victory over an in state IAA squad, but still they must be looked at with a bit of a jaded eye. Which team will prove better this week? LSU most likely. MSU will play a good game but will likely be 1-2 after this week. Go with the Tigers.

2. Iowa State vs UCONN: This may be a good game between some rather even opponents. Iowa State upset the Hawkeyes last week and the Huskies lost to Vanderbilt. Momentum is on the side of Iowa State but the game is to be played in Connecticut. It is probably a toss up but I will go with Iowa State to come out 3-0.

3. Boise State vs Toledo: Toledo had a very good moral victory last week and it sure would have been good for the game to have seen them beat the Buckeyes. They have to have some confidence going into this game. They are going to need it. The Buckeyes are not the Broncos and the Rockets will have some problem with their speed. They may hang tough for a while but the Idaho boys will win in fairly convincing fashion. Go with the Broncos

4. Auburn vs Clemson: Auburn is living on borrowed time but will probably has the talent to win here. Clemson is just not very good. Go with the Tigers of Auburn.

5. Penn State vs Temple: Believe it or not this will be a good game. The Owls are a very good MAC football team and PSU may still be a force to reckon with. PSU should be able to win here but they may have a bit of a tougher time than they want. This one is not a scrimmage. PSU must be careful. I go with Paterno to add one to the win column.

6. Colorado State vs Colorado: A rivalry game that no one cares about. It is a toss up and I will go with the Rams to prove the victor here. I am going out on a limb just a bit  but the Rams are 2-0 at this point and the Buffs season is essentially over.

7. UCF vs Florida International: Now this will be a good game. Possibly the best one of the week. Both of these teams do not get the national respect they deserve but FIU may well be the best in the Sun Belt and UCF is a dark horse BCS buster. Both teams are well coached and I would not be surprised for some BCS school to try to snatch up Cristobal before all is said and done. O'Leary has paid his penance here with grace and style and may also get a look from a major BCS school. Georgia will sure be in the market soon and I would not doubt that Clemson will be looking around. With that being said, I think that UCF probably has the talent to win this one. Go with the Knights here in a close one.

8. S.F. Austin vs Baylor: The Bears will win here. SFA is a pretty good IAA team but will not have the talent to challenge. The Bears need to kick an opponent when they are down and should be able to get a bit on practice here. I knew that Baylor would be a top 20 squad this year. Go with the Bears.

9. Nicholls vs Louisiana Lafayette: Will the Cajuns come out of this game at 2-1? They very well might. There are those that say that this game with the Colenols is the only game that the Cajuns will likely win this year. They have already bested that assessment. We will see how it pans out. I will go the ULL but it may be a pretty tough game between local teams. Go with ULL.

10. Houston vs Louisiana Tech: The Bulldogs may or may not have the talent to compete in the WAC this year but they are likely no match for the Cougars. Much like UCF, Houston is a dark horse BCS buster this year. Go with the Cougars to win.

11. Utah vs BYU: Both teams are good, but apparently not great teams, Utah probably has the edge in talent but that is not a given. Last week BYU let the Longhorns sneak by but it is hard to gage if that is important or not. Are the Longhorns a good or just mediocre team? Same with the Utes. They should have beaten USC but did not. It is still hard to say just what type teams these respective schools have this year. I will go with Utah for no real reason. I just like them while I dislike these particular Cougars. The game will is probably a toss up. Rivalry games often are.

12. Louisville vs Kentucky: Another rivalry game between barely mediocre squads. Another even match it seems to me. I will go with the Wildcats in a close one.

13.  Idaho vs Texas Agriculture: The Aggies will win. It would be nice to see a huge upset but it won't happen. Akey does a pretty good job at a school where it is very difficult to win. It won't be enough. The Aggies will have their second and third team get some practice here.

14. Hawaii vs UNLV: Hawaii had their chances to be 2-0 but fell to a fairly weak Washington squad last week. UNLV is well coached but just doesn't have much talent. I will go with Hawaii to win handily here.

15. Ohio State vs Miami (Fl): The criminal element game. Both teams have a cloud hanging over their heads and the question will be who lets it bother them least. Al Golden is a great coach and deserves better than this Shalala run school. He should have stayed at Temple or looked around a bit longer. The jury is out on both these teams but I think Ohio State has the talent to win here. Miami reportedly will have Harris at QB but it might not be quite enough. Go with the Buckeyes.

16. Oklahoma vs Florida State: The Sooners are the real deal. I am not convinced that the Seminoles are there yet. Give it a year or two but just not right now. The Sooners will win here. It may get out of hand.

17. UTEP vs NMSU: A pretty good under the radar game. NMSU had a very nice victory over a BCS opponent last week and UTEP was bested by a pretty good SMU squad. Mike Price has done his penance in one of the hardest places to win in D1 ball. It will be close but I look for the Miners to pull one out of the hat.

18. SDSU vs Washington State: SDSU will continue their winning ways here. Washington State is just not a good football team and SDSU will again go bowling this year. Go with the Aztecs.

19. Michigan State vs Notre Dame: Will the Irish finally win one? We will see. Neither team is likely all that good although some say the Spartans are a dark horse to win the Big Ten. The Irish were supposed to be back but it appears not. Their schedule is very tough and the Spartans will prove to be no pushover. I will go with MSU in a very close game.

20. Kent State vs Kansas State: What type team does Snyder have this year? If we are to judge by their "victory" in week one then the answer would be "not much." Kent State is Kent State. KSU will probably take this one but it may not be all that easy. Go with KSU.

That is it for this week. Enjoy the games.

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