Monday, January 10, 2011

We Will Know Directly

In a few hours we will know which team will be crowned the mythical BCS "National Champion." Might be a good game. I think that Auburn will prevail but then the SEC has not had a stellar post season. Has it? Better than the Big X, but just not quite up to SEC standards. Of course some of the SEC (and other) teams in "bowl" games had no real right to be rewarded with a post season contest. 6-6 does not make a bowl team, although a couple of 6-6 teams had good victories. Illinois and Washington prevailed and in the case of the Huskies; their win was inexplicable. Such is the game. Anyway I am looking forward to the contest tonight and will be sad when the season is finally over. The Saints are already out of the picture in the NFL so there goes any interest in that league. Pro basketball in unwatchable and the college B Ball game really does not matter until conference tournament time. I'm not bitching mind you. Not a lot anyway.

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