Saturday, January 8, 2011

Les Miles and Brady Hoke

It is being reported that Miles is being considered for the Michigan job. I know that Miles is an alum and all that but I don't think he is stupid. Going from the SEC to the Big Ten (or whatever it is called) would be considered a huge downgrade. Other than Ohio State and possibly now Wisconsin the Big Ten is of little account. Coach Rich could not win in Michigan and neither will Miles. Rich should have stayed in WV where he may have built a contender for the mythical BCS "National Championship" as Miles may do at LSU. Coaching at Michigan will likely mean 6-6 or 7-5 seasons for any good coach and then of course the ax will fall. Hoke also better think about staying at SDSU if he wants to keep building a reputation as a top notch college football man. I don't think Hoke or Miles would intentionally shoot themselves in the pecker by accepting a job in Wolverine country. At least I hope not. Stranger things have happened though.

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