Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bowls this Weekend

As of now Pitt is up 6-3 on the Kentucky Wildcats in the BBVA Compass Bowl (the what?). This is not a game that most probably have any interest in watching. Tomorrow is the "Fight Hunger" Bowl pitting a very very good Nevada team up against an average at best Boston College squad. Nevada is certainly deserving of a bowl but the other three playing this weekend; not so much. It would have been better if one of these bowl games was eliminated and then one of the three average competitors would be chosen to play Nevada. Actually it would be better if Nevada played someone above the level of any of these three but this is just a "moot" exercise. Now if Nevada had to play either Pitt, Kentucky or BC it would be interesting to figure which would be the better opponent. I personally would go with Pitt but an argument could be made for Kentucky also. A 6-6 SEC team is probably on par with a 7-5 or even 9-3 team from the Big East or ACC. Actually no combination of match ups really make much sense. Nevada would likely not be tested by any of the three.

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