Monday, January 3, 2011

The Orange Bowl May Just Be A Good One

In a few short hours the Orange Bowl will commence with Stanford taking on Virginia Tech. Va. Tech has done a commendable job of coming back from an 0-2 start with one loss coming at the hands of a IAA squad. The Hokies are certainly the best of the ACC with no one else really even coming close. If they had not let Boise State slip by and suffered a meltdown against JMU it would be easy to envision them playing Auburn for the BCS Championship. Stanford on the other hand is a very good team that quietly built a very very good season. The only problem is that Stanford has not played any top flight teams with the possible exception of Oregon. Now of course the Ducks are playing for the mythical National Title but are likely to be exposed. Stanford did play marginally good teams in USC and perhaps Notre Dame. The lack of a quality schedule may hurt Stanford in the big game tonight, but I still think they will be able to pull a victory out of the hat. Those first two games show that the Hokies do have a tendency to self destruct and that again may become apparent directly.

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