Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PAC 10 Predictions

I have not really had time to do any type of in depth analysis of the PAC 10 to this point. With week two behind us though it is high time to get on with my predictions for the final standings in the "elite" PAC 10.

1. Oregon: The team appears to be for real. I thought Saturday that they were going to have some severe problems with the Vols but aside from a slow start, the Ducks appear to be for real and perhaps a team that could sneak into a national championship game. They will not be tested later this week and should have a chance to work out any bugs.

2. Stanford: I will have to go with them for the number two spot. They may well be tested in the next two weeks and that will tell us a good deal more about the squad. They are well coached and have been doing pretty good in the recent past.

3. Oregon State: The opening loss to TCU notwithstanding, this team may be a better than average team. They held their own against a team that again may have a shot at a BCS appearance.

4. California: They have not seriously been tested but are well coached and perhaps could make a run. They will face trial by fire soon. Perhaps as early as this week when they travel to Reno.

5. Arizona: Are the Wildcats for real? The next three weeks will tell. They had better hope they have worked out any kinks in their tune up games. The schedule begins to get pretty brutal.

6. Arizona State: They are 2-0 as of this writing but may well lose the next four. More than likely they will go 1-3 over the next month but that is not a given.

7. Washington: The next six weeks will be brutal. They may or may not be able to handle Arizona State.

8. UCLA: The Bruins are not a very good team. Not good at all.

9. Washington State: This team may well have trouble competing with most mid level 1AA teams. They were sorely tested by Montana State last week.

USC: In a category all its own. If they were eligible I would put them at 2 or 3 in conference. They have no eligibility however and therefore any wins or losses mean nothing. This Kiffin will damage the Trojan program further. Coach Pete scores low in the character rating, but at least he knows how to win. Not so this Kiffin.

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