Thursday, September 9, 2010

BYU, USC, and Notre Dame Are Not Entitled

Over the years I have become pretty darn tired of those at USC and Notre Dame believing themselves entitled.  Entitled to what? The vast majority of college football fans detest them. Apparently now BYU will join the other two to make it a threesome. The reasons that USC and Notre Dame are so vilified are numerous and are not undeserved. Notre Dame has some kind of prima donna complex and those in South Bend think they should have an automatic bid to the BCS. They must reach a a certain level of performance of course, something they have not been able to do in a long long time. Damn shame. The program has it's own television package, will not affiliate with any conference, and now have hired a coach with a lack of class and character. Newsflash to the Irish; You are nothing special. You should be forced to join a conference and see how things work out. I would suggest the Big East as the Big X will shortly have twelve teams. Besides, you may actually have a chance in the Big East.

USC is a bit of a different story. The program under Pete was very successful but there are certainly questions about his character also. The thing that sticks in my craw is when LSU won the BCS "National Championship" legitimately and those at USC had the audacity to claim that they were the true champs. Now that year it is quite possible that USC was the better team, but they are a member of the BCS. That year the BCS chose to put Oklahoma and LSU in the big game and the Trojans were on the outside looking in. That shows the flaws in the BCS system, but thems the breaks as they say. Now apparently this Kiffin has told told his squad that if they run the table then they will be national champs. That is nuts. USC is eligble for nothing. On a bright note, they deserve this Kiffin and that will be their downfall for a good while.

Now we have BYU entering this elite group of the entitled. They apparently are going to bolt the Mountain West and make a go in the WAC. In all sports but football that is. It appears they are looking for the same type of deal that Notre Dame has. You know; automatic bids, special  television package, etc. etc. Good luck with all that. Doubt it will happen. If they are so intent on leaving the Mountain West for the WAC so be it. They should have to play football in that conference also. They would find success there of course, but Boise State they ain't. Kinda funny that they want to go it alone in football with Boise State, Fresno State, and I believe Nevada making the move to the Mountain West. Perhaps there is a level of fear involved.

That is about all I have to say about that.