Saturday, September 18, 2010

ESPN Strikes Again. Those Guys are Rutabagas

The late great Lewis Grizzard mentioned in one of his excellent books that using the word "co--su--er" had become a no go. He was referring I think to the game of golf (as in when you made a bad putt it was once acceptable to yell "co--su--er.") Then I guess you tossed your club fifty feet. Anyway the word  has become unacceptable and non politically correct as it were, so he suggested the word "rutabaga" as a suitable replacement. I agree I suppose. It is hard to replace co--su--er(s) but what they hey, rutabaga is as a word good as any. Tonight I was watching the Longhorn/Red Raider match up and noticed that the ESPN rutabagas made numerous disparaging remarks about former TTU coach Mike Leach. On various occasions they referred to Leach as the "fired coach Mike Leach." They also said things such as "Tuberville has installed a sense of purpose in the program" or at least words to that effect. Toward the end of the game they mentioned a "very vocal minority of Red Raider fans that were upset at the Leach firing" or again, words to that effect. Nothing really surprising there as it is apparent that ESPN had a hand in the "firing" of Coach Leach. That is my opinion at any rate. The "vocal minority" is a bit more than that. It is a fairly vocal majority. Now Tuberville is a pretty good coach and he will improve the defense, given time,  but he is no Mike Leach. The Red Raiders are not what they were last year (neither are the Longhorns but that is a different story entirely....), and it is doubtful that Texas Tech will match the prowess that was achieved under Leach. Those guys over at ESPN are certainly rutabagas. With a capital R.  I can't think of a better word to describe them. On second thought, maybe I can.

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