Monday, September 20, 2010

ACC Atlantic

As I noted in an earlier post the college season is well under way and it is high time to finish the conference predictions.
The ACC is truly difficult to judge this year. There seem to be quite a few pretty good and evenly matched teams here but none that will be a factor in the National Title. I think probably that Miami over in the Coastal Division is the best team but there are a number that can not be ruled out. Behold the ACC Atlantic Division.

1. NC State: The Wolfpack for the top spot? Yes I think so. At this time they are 3-0 and have had some pretty good games against fair competition. Picking them in this spot may be going out on a limb a bit I must admit.

2. Clemson: The Tigers showed us a good bit Saturday in their overtime loss to Auburn. They should have had the game won but allowed Auburn to come back on them. Most would probably pick the Tigers for the number one spot in the Atlantic, but history has shown that Clemson can not get over the hump no matter the level of talent on the team.

3. Florida State: FSU is light years away from contending for a National Title but may well be able to contend for the top spot in the Atlantic Division if not the entire conference. The new staff is apparently still making adjustments and after the embarrassment against a fair Oklahoma team, they came back and crushed BYU. We will see how they progress as the year moves on.

4. Boston College: BC has been tested twice against opponents that should not have been much of a problem. The next two games will tell a lot.

5. Marlyland: I think Big Ralph has an improved team here but not one that is ready to compete in this conference. The Navy win was nice but they were not really competitive with West Virginia. The next three weeks will tell a lot. FIU comes to town and Mario Cristobal has an under rated football team. The Panthers near took down TAMU and Rutgers. Be forewarned. They then face Duke and Clemson. They may go 2-1 in the next three games but 1-2 is not out of the question. 0-3? Who knows?

6. Wake Forest: It is really a toss up between Maryland and the Deacons as to who will occupy the last spot. The loss to Stanford Saturday was predictable but not the the margin. I do not think that Grobe has a competitive team this year. The rest of the schedule is very tough.

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