Saturday, September 18, 2010

BCS? Nonsense

Last night two non BCS schools had their way with BCS opponents. I predicted and was wrong on both games.( 0-2 for the week and it is just now Saturday morning.) Granted one of them was Kansas which is a hard team to figure. A loss to one of the Dakota schools then to turn around and handle a ranked team? Of course last night they were manhandled by a CUSA squad. Hmmmm. Cal being taken down fairly easily by a WAC school? It these type of losses were an anomaly then I would buy into the "BCS is better" argument. These type of games happen rather frequently though. Last week Troy was close to beating Oklahoma State. FAU came close to Michigan State, and FIU nearly took down Rutgers. Kent State came close to Boston College also. It was just luck that at least two of these games did not end up in a win for the non BCS opponent. It is no wonder that "major" programs are hesitant to schedule the likes of Boise State, Fresno State, USM and U of H. The chances of getting embarrassed is a real possibility. Probability in some cases. Wonder who will be beaten by a non BCS school today? UCLA for sure. Ohio State? No. UConn? Good possibility. VA Tech again? Not out of the question. Colorado? Most likely. Those silly Aggies better be on guard also when Mario Cristobal brings his boys to College Station. The BCS power schools are generally better than their non BCS opponents (along with their BCS rivals), but overall the BCS conferences are little better than their non BCS counterparts. I could be wrong but I am not.

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