Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well If You Looked at it From The Point of View Of an Aggie...

It is being reported by some that the Aggie move to the SEC is a done deal. It is also reported that some say "not so fast." It is further reported that the SEC may not even really be all that interested at this point. We will all see in the next few days I suppose.

Now if we just looked at this from the point of view of the Aggie, it is easy to see why they would want to leave. In the last couple of years there has been a good deal of improvement in the football program but that will be temporary. They may even compete this year for the "Big XII" title although in reality they probably are still a bit of a long shot. When the program can not even field a competitive squad in the Big XII (most years), then how do they think they can compete in the SEC? They won't of course and most likely they know this, but then there will be no Texas to contend with. Will there? It is far less humiliating to be stomped week in and week out by those east of the Sabine than to be demolished by teams in the Big XII. That is the rub I am sure. Those in Aggieland want to get away from Texas and by extension, the other Big XII schools at all costs. It is an ego thing. Better to be a third tier SEC team than a second tier Big XII. Or something.

You see, Nebraska chose to leave for the "Big Ten" in order to dominate. The motivation behind that doesn't take much thought. Colorado left for the "PAC 12" in order to just have a chance to compete occasionally. Another no brainer. The Aggies? They are attempting to leave a good conference for not arguably the best conference in college ball. It is apparently more important to get away from the Longhorns than it is to have a chance of competitiveness. Talk about shooting oneself in the foot....

After all, it is the fault of the University of Texas that Texas A&M can not seem to compete well on the gridiron. Or so they say.


  1. Well, they also want to play in a conference that has a championship playoff and the Big 12, with only 10 teams, cannot have one. If I was the Aggies I would be agitating to recruit two more schools to restore a playoff eligibility to their own conference.

  2. I stand by the hypothesis that the Aggies just want to get away from Texas. Texas is the flagship in the state and that seems to be a bother. I live among and know a good many Aggies. The disdain for the univeristy in Austin is a bit strange frankly. I have not quite seen anything like it in all my travels.

    Hard to say who would be a good fit in the BIg XII. Nebraska can not be replaced but Colorado and the Aggies arguably can. University of Houston likely fields a better football program. TCU does for sure. Neither has the fan base of Texas A&M though or for that matter Colorado.