Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bartender Cabbie System Preseason Top 25 (2011)

Here is the Bartender Cabbie System (BCS) preseason top 25. There may be a surprise or two here. A couple of unlikely candidates sneak in and of course most of the usual suspects are here.. Enjoy

1. Alabama: He who shall remain nameless knows how to recruit and coach. Look for the Tide to be ready to roll.

2. Oklahoma: Ready to take top spot. Conference competition level is down a bit with Texas trying to figure it out and of course Nebraska gone. The Aggies and Cowboys are probably not quite up to their level this year.

3. Nebraska: Could be ready for number one if they can get the QB situation  decided. They have settled, by a change in conference, for a bit of an easier road. Better look out for the Badgers though.

4. West Virginia: Just watch and see. An easy Big East schedule and a bit of luck is all they need. Surprised to see them here? A loss to LSU in non conference play would not destroy them and a win over the Tigers would put them over the top.

5. Oregon: Perhaps a bit over rated. Time will tell.

6. Wisconsin: Quality coaching is what this school is known for. A bit boring and old school and yet may have what it takes to keep the Huskers from totally embarrassing the conference.

7. LSU: Miles will have the team ready for action.

8. Boise State: A top contender no matter which conference they happen to be in.

9. Utah: It would have been interesting to see them stay in the MWC for another year to fight it out with Boise State, TCU and perhaps Air Force.

10. Notre Dame: Hate to say it but this team is well coached and is back to challenge for a national title. The HC has character issues but that does not seem to matter much in anymore in South Bend.

11. South Carolina: This may be the year that Spurrier and Co. really make a run for the SEC title. It is not the easiest place to win in the SEC but the "Ball Coach" still has some magic left.

12. Arkansas: Like South Carolina, it is not the "top" destination for SEC recruits. Petrino, while having some major character issues, knows his business and can get the most from those not so talented. They have to find a good QB though. Ryan is gone and that is the only thing that keeps them out of the the real BCS (Bartender Cabbie System) Top 10.

13. Texas A&M: The bunch in maroon may finally be back. They lost some top players but retained even a good many. It has taken a good bit of time to rebuild after the disastrous Franchione era and Sherman is not the best of coaches, but the Aggies will field a very competitive team. The only thing keeping them out of the Top 10 is a slightly below par HC and the fact that they are, after all, the Aggies. They just have perennial bad luck it seems. Can they overcome? We will see.

14. Stanford: Probably the best QB in the nation but a new look in the coaching dept. Perhaps being a little generous placing them at 14, but a little luck, helped by a PAC 12 schedule, will have them getting close, and maybe even cracking, the top 10.

15. Oklahoma State: A well coached team that is often overlooked.

16. Florida: The Gators have fallen off a bit, but they are still the Gators. Despite a new coaching staff and many unanswered questions, they will field easily a top 20 squad. Perhaps surprise some folk and crack the top 10.

17. USC: They would be placed higher perhaps if they were coached by someone other than this Kiffin. He will prove to be a loser.

18. TCU: A very good team still without Dalton. If he was back for another year I would put them in the top 10. Still a well coached team and a danger but I would look for a step back this year. They won't be a BCS buster this season but will certainly make some noise and play in a respectable bowl.

19. FSU: Most pundits put the "Noles up there a bit higher this year. Not quite. Give it a year.

20. Ohio State: The program has come apart at the seams. Look for a drastic drop off but they still should be able to field a top 25 squad.

21. Texas: Mack will have this squad scratching back. They may surprise everyone and be a top 10 contender before all is said and done. Never count out Mack Brown and the Horns. Ever!!

22. University of Houston: Surprised? Don't be. Well coached and led by a Keenum. He is perhaps one of the top QB's in the country.

23. Baylor: Another surprise? Watch and see. Much like the Coogs of Houston, this squad is well coached and has a true field general behind center.

24. KSU: And yet another surprise for you. Snyder is a weird little dude, but he knows how to do a lot with a little. They make make some noise. Don't be shocked if they do so.

25. Virginia Tech: Not this year. The ACC is just not a good football conference at this point and I look for the Hokies to take a plunge. They will lose perhaps 3 conference games and be surprised by either Appalachian State, ECU, or Marshall in non conference play.

Others that were considered for the Bartender Cabbie System top 25:

Nevada: A wonderful season last year, but they have lost too many starters to crack the top 25 this year.

Miami: Give it a year or two and they may well be in contention for a "BCS Bowl."

SMU: Well coached and could crack the top 25.

Georgia: They better do well or the coach is history. He probably should start packing.

Mississippi State: May make some noise. Well coached but just not sure if the talent level is up to par.

Tennessee: As above

Louisiana Tech: May be ready to make a bit of noise in the WAC.

Fresno State: Pat Hill is a good coach and does a whole lot with very little.

SDSU: May have cracked the Bartender Cabbie System top 25 if Hoke had stuck around.

Michigan State: Pretty good but just not ready for prime time.

Michigan: The place damaged, perhaps even destroyed,  Rich's career. Hoke will likely wish he stayed in sunny SoCal before all is said and done. A decent program but nowhere near the power they once were. They won't be a national contender again.

PSU: Perhaps it is time for Paterno to go but he has earned the right to stay as long as he wants.

BYU: Perhaps could crack the top 25 but it is doubtful.

UCF: O'Leary has done a good job here and they may have what it takes to take CUSA again.

Southern Mississippi: Not to be counted out in CUSA play.

Auburn: Last year's "National Champion" will fall off in a drastic way and may not even crack the top 25. I really don't think they will. They lost just a bunch of top players. Of course they could surprise and be back in the hunt for the SEC. We will see.

Air Force: Pretty good program. Does quite well for a service academy.

Naval Academy: As above.

Temple: If Al Golden had stayed I would have had to consider them a top 25 contender strange as that sounds. At least Golden left for a place where he has a legitimate chance to field a national contender, unlike many other coaches, who just leave for the money it seems. Coach Rich R. and Brady Hoke come to mind along with the non entity Todd Graham.

Arizona State: Some say they will be pretty good.

Missouri: With a little bit of luck perhaps.

Georgia Tech: I guess so. Maybe.

Northwestern: There are those that put them in the Top 20. Probably a pretty good squad and I may be doing them a disservice by not giving them more of a look.

The college season fast approaches. I am looking forward to a fun year.


  1. Well, you have the Tide in #1, so that takes care of any major disagreements we might have.

    Then I'm thinking "Hmmm, two Big 12 teams next in line," except that Nebraska is no longer Big 12, which has 10 schools, but is Big 10, which has 12 schools. Crap.

    I think you have the Mountaineers a little high and Wisconsin and LSU a little low, but not by enough to really quibble about.

    I don't see Utah being in the top 15, and think (okay maybe it's just hope) that USC won't even make the top 25.

    I have a suspicion that SDSU is going to be a pleasant surprise. I think Long is pretty good.

  2. I hope SDSU will be good. I have always liked the Aztecs. Utah may be pretty goood. Time will tell.

  3. Well, you did pretty good overall, but I made a couple of pretty good points too. LSU came in at #4, West Virginia at #24. Utah didn't even make the top 25, and USC did, but only by one spot. I was off on Wisconsin, though, and we both picked Alabama wrong.

    Well, actually, AP picked Alabama wrong.

  4. I think WVU will surprise and be a contender. Bama will be #1 when all is said and done. That is unfortunate. Perhaps I put the Utes a bit high but I think they will surprise some folks. Hope I was wrong on USC. I would like to see them lose every game.