Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We All Have Teams We Just Don't Like

Everybody who is a fan of the college game has some teams they just don't like. Why not? It is part of the fun of being a fan.  Often the reasons for not liking a team make little sense but that does not stop us from just naturally disliking some schools. Here is my list and reasons.

Notre Dame: I dislike them because they think they are entitled and special. The refusal to join a conference (in football), special television deals, and automatic bowl tie in agreements just fuel my fire. They are not special as recent history has shown. They were pretty good last year and will perhaps even be a real contender this, but I hope to see them lose. As many games as possible. Losing them all would be nice. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

USC: I don't like them. I just don't like them.

Ohio State: Often disliking a team has to do with knowing an irritating fan. While in service one of my leading petty officer's was a huge Buckeye fan. That is all the guy talked about. He even had a tape of the Ohio State marching band and he played it for our enjoyment. Constantly! Who does that? It is not like the Buckeye band is near as entertaining as the bands of  Grambling or Southern. That at least would make sense. Anyway, ever since the Buckeye Band episode(s) I am happy to see Ohio State lose. Their latest problems have been quite enjoyable. With Nebraska now playing in their neck of the woods it is hard to see how they will be a top contender for "national champion." That would be great if Nebraska was not also on my list.

Nebraska: I never liked these guys. In the fourth grade a kid moved to the neighborhood from Nebraska. All we got to hear about was how great the Huskers were and how sorry our team was. OK he had a point at that time but we sure did not want to hear it. The son's arrogance was passed down from his father. The kid got it honestly at least. Funny thing; I remember his father as one of the most profane men I have ever known. It was quite a shock for a nine year old to hear a grown man yell "you dingy son of a bitch" at a driver who cut him off. I must admit that I found that rather humorous. My mother did not think it so funny though.
Anyway, I had actually softened somewhat on these guys until they decided to take their act to the Big Ten. I understand the reasons for, but just find it a bit pansy. They won't have it near as tough.

Texas A&M: I don't like these cats either. Never have. The recent move to try to leave the Big XII just adds fuel to the fire. The Aggies seldom field a competitive team (although they may this season) and I would classify their desire to leave the conference as cowardice except they want to bolt to the best conference in the game. I guess it is just stupidity. They won't compete there very often. That is not the reason I dislike them though.
I live among these Aggies and tire of hearing about the greatness that is TAMU. Their little ceremonies and songs are a bit odd also. The whole thing borders on the cultlike. Just like Wal Mart. Now we come to the crux of the matter and I must tread carefully. I don't like the Corps of Cadets. Why? Not all of the members of the Corps actually receive a commission into the armed forces. A great many do not. For those that move into the armed forces; they have my respect and gratitude. For those who choose to not go for a commission I say to you this: "Quit playing soldier. You are not one and choose not to be one. It is an affront actually to your fellow Corps members who will serve, former members who have served and paid the ultimate price, and to real troops who are already in harms way." Also many of the uniform items worn are non regulation. It just strikes me as odd. Very strange indeed.

BYU: Notre Dame Lite. They should be forced to affiliate with a conference same as the "Golden Domers." Unlike the some above, these particular Cougars are rather insignificant when one thinks about the potential for a "national championship." At least at this point.

Well these are the schools I just don't like. Never will I am sure.

How about you?


  1. Oklahoma. My nom-de-plume online is Jayhawk. Need I say more?

    Nebraska. See above.

    I'm with you on Notre Dame and BYU.

    I'm a Navy veteran, but the Army-Navy game was always an officers' thing and I was an enlisted man so I really don't care about the military academies.

    Auburn, but only when they play Alabama.

    Florida. That is the most miserable state in the nation, and they think that when they poop it doesn't stink. Can't stand them.

  2. I almost put the Crimson Tide on the list. I think I will add them. I don't like that Saban, although he sure knows how to win.

  3. Oh, now you are going where angels fear to tread. Dangerous ground, my friend, dangerous ground.