Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hubris and Stupidity In College Station

As usual the folks in College Station are being bit by the "we are better than everyone else" bug. Of course that is bluff. For the most part Aggies feel inferior it seems. At any rate, there is serious speculation that Texas Agricultural and Mechanical  may want to make a move to the SEC. As a Southeastern Conference man I think that makes little sense frankly. The SEC is certainly an east of the Sabine league and the Aggies are not a good fit. It is also reported that the SEC is interested in making the move to become a super conference. Not sure I agree with that, but if they want to go raiding then there are some ACC, Big East and perhaps even a school or two in CUSA that would be a better fit.

Purely from a competition stance it is difficult to see how the Aggies will do well in the SEC. They are supposed to be "trending up" this year but that will be  temporary. Every team in big time college ball has a good year at some point and makes a run for a conference championship. Look at Indiana (or was it Illinois) that won the Big X a few short years back. These things happen. It won't happen but perhaps once every quarter of a century for the Aggies though should they leave for the SEC. Aggie football will be on the same historical level as Ole Miss, UK, Vanderbilt and Mississippi State. Those schools also have a good year once in a while but usually are discounted out of the gate in the hunt for the SEC title in football. The Aggies are always braying about "reaching the next level." They are at the next level now. The perhaps might even compete this year in the Big XII. They should be happy with that.

What it really boils down to is the collective inferiority complex that those in College Station seem to have. A perpetual chip on the shoulder as it were. They are always looking for an excuse as to why they do not generally field competitive football teams and of course the fault is not their own. They point to the "Longhorn network" as the last straw. It is always something.

The reality is that Texas A&M is not the flagship university in the state. That will always put them at a slight disadvantage in recruiting. Slight is the watchword. If they think that the kitchen is a bit hot in the Big XII then they will believe themselves in Hell should they move to the SEC. They will have more 4-8 seasons than 8-4. That should go without saying.

Maybe they should consider the Sun Belt or the WAC (now that Boise State has bolted). They at least would be able to field consistently competitive squads in these leagues. Most years.

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