Monday, January 2, 2012

Thoughts on the Coogs and Today's Other Early Games

It is half time now in the Rose Bowl and my thoughts return to the earlier contests. Congrats to South Carolina in making the Huskers look a bit foolish. Does a heart good. The Gator Bowl? Should not have even been played.  Ridiculous game. Now this Rose match up is a very good game at this point. Oregon is decked out a bit less silly this time around but that headgear is distracting. I think that Wisconsin will end up with a victory when the smoke clears. We will see shortly........

The only other game of significance was something called the Ticket City Bowl (the what?). Houston, after their untimely loss to USM, was relegated to this minor contest facing a very average PSU squad. The game itself was fairly interesting. Keenum threw for a lot of yards but one gets the feeling that they were not spot on. If they were I would imagine the margin of victory would have been greater. There are already those that are saying "yeah but...." concerning the game. As in "yeah but PSU did not have their starting QB in the game." True enough but they could not score on anyone anyway this season with their starter and that was also before the distraction of the "Sandusky Affair" reared its' ugly head.  To be blunt, PSU was just not very good long before it became apparent that Jerry enjoys "educating young boys" as it were. Allegedly of course. The whole thing became a historic distraction and I certainly feel sorry for the players that had to endure such.

Now if Houston had run the table, would they have been a good pick for a BCS game? Perhaps. They would not be able to play on the same field (3 games out of 4) with LSU, Alabama, Oregon, Wisconsin or Oklahoma State but they certainly would be able to hang with the likes of WVU, Georgia, Va Tech, Clemson, Stanford, etc. They had their chances but one bad game in a non AQ conference destroys chances of national respect. Just ask Boise State this year. The Broncos (along with the Coogs and possibly a couple others) are every bit as good and likely even better than a whole lot of teams in "big time" bowls this year. Yes, even better perhaps than at almost half of the BCS bowl field.

Looking forward to the Fiesta later this evening. There are those that believe the Cowboys are really the team that deserves to meet the Tigers in the BCS "National Championship" game. They may have a point. That will be proven (or disproven) before the evening is through also. Stanford is no joke but probably just not quite one of the truly elite teams this year. Andrew Luck notwithstanding. I look for the Cowboys to take it in rather convincing fashion.

Hopefully this BCS system goes away sooner rather than later.

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