Sunday, January 8, 2012

Last Bowl Game May Be Worth Watching

Tonight Arkansas State squares off with NIU in the GoDaddy Bowl (the what?). Might be a good game. Arkansas State has had a stellar season and may well be a top 25 team. NIU can play some ball also and perhaps should be included in the top 25 also. Of course, after one year, ASU's coach has won (with the prior coach's recruits) and moved off to "greener" pastures. If Ole Miss can be considered "greener." Coaching the Rebs will flat destroy a career. Hard place to win. Be that as it may, I am looking forward to the last bowl game of the season and am hoping for an Indian err Red Wolves victory. Don't think it will happen but that is who I will be pulling for.

Of course tomorrow night the BCS "National Champion" will be crowned. Hoping for an LSU victory but the Bama crew are wanting a bit of revenge. Whether or not this is the "correct" match up for D1 "national champion" is debatable, but it should be a good game none the less.

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