Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Cotton That Should Have Been Sugar

The Hogs got off to a fast start before the Wildcats got their bearings in last night's Cotton Bowl. It became a pretty good game all around after KSU got some momentum going. The Hogs are hands down the better team here. KSU is a very good team sure but is too one dimensional. If a team can stop their QB from running all over creation, then there is a good chance for a victory over the Wildcats.

It is interesting that neither of these teams were in a "BCS" game. Interesting that numbers 6-9 in the BCS standing were relegated to lesser bowls. (Boise State in particular). Of course it can certainly be argued that the Cotton is every bit as prestigious, historically, than any of these BCS games. Doesn't pay as much though.

I will say it again; A very poor system we have in D1 ball.

Incidentally today the IAA National Championship game will be played. Go SHSU. The champion will be decided the right way......

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