Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Sports Blogger's Work is Never Done

The college football season kicks off this week and I have not even finished my analysis of  every Division I conference. That is what happens when one gets a late start. I will most likely have my predictions for this week's match ups posted tomorrow; long before I even have the conference standing predictions and analysis up. A breach of etiquette I know and a purist would question whether it is wise to continue conference predictions after the season has begun. They may be right but as I have said before; why let that stop me?  I will take into consideration of course the games that have been played when factoring in the standings predictions and since this is a totally amateur endeavour, the fact that the season has begun really does not matter. Funny thing, when it is all said and done my predictions will prove as accurate as most of those in the business "professionally." I will eat my hat if it is not so.

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