Monday, August 16, 2010

The 2010 College Football Journey Begins

Well as promised I have decided to branch off from my main blog and create a blog dedicated to the college game. I enjoy this sport probably more than all others combined. Last year I did a pretty fair job of picking winners and offering some amateur analysis and hope to improve some this year. I got a late start on studying the college game this year and only recently began to do some research. I will have my conference predictions out shortly and at the end of the season we will see if it is accurate.
Go Cajuns!!! Ayeeeeeeh!


  1. I think I might put college basketball ahead of football, but only because of March Madness. Give football a playoff and I'm there.

    We'll have some fun here.

  2. Oh, yes, and I see you reference CBS Sports rather that Fox Sports or ESPN, which reveals excellent taste.

    I finally found a channel that does a worse job than E$PN for NFL games, the NFL channel.

  3. March Madness sure is good to watch. It runs a very close second to the bowl season for me. Sometimes it is even more interesting as it is truly a real playoff. I just can't seem to get too interested in the regular college bball season unless some of my favorites are doing well.